Judicial Endorsements

OAPABA is a member of the Oregon Judicial Diversity Coalition (OJDC) which is also comprised of the Oregon Chapter of the National Bar Association, OGALLA: the LGBT Bar Association of Oregon, and the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association.  You can apply to all the members of the OJDC for endorsement by clicking here for the application and sending the completed materials to advocacy@oapaba.org for the OJDC’s consideration. ALL MATERIALS MUST BE SUBMITTED AS ONE COMBINED DOCUMENT/PDF AND MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE SAME DAY YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION MATERIALS TO THE GOVERNOR (no later than the deadline for application materials to the Governor).

For information on OAPABA’s endorsement policy and application materials, please click here. However, please use the OJDC’s questionnaire linked above. Appendix C to the materials has been removed and replaced by the OJDC questionnaire.

For your convenience, an older word version can be found here; however, please follow the instructions on this page for submission. Submissions to the older email address listed in the word version will not be received.