OAPABA members at the 2014 Asian Reporter Annual Foundational Scholarship Banquet

On April 17, 2014, past OAPABA officers Elisa Dozono (past-president and current chair of Oregon Lottery Commission), Simon Whang (past-president), Karen Nashiwa (past-treasurer), and current OAPABA officers Toan Nguyen (president-elect) and Jovita Wang (treasurer) attended the Asian Reporter’s Annual Foundational Scholarship Banquet. The Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet is an avenue to post exemplary community service, honor our community’s elders, and recognize the hard work and aspirations of young Asian Americans. The event provides outstanding community-outreach and public relations opportunities. Scholarship sponsors are recognized with the names of the scholarship winners. Other recognition given at this event includes the Exemplary Community Volunteer and Most Honored Elder awards, which showcase the many accomplishments of outstanding individuals and community groups.

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